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 Residents for Reform was started for a simple reason – our local government has become too expensive. 

 Over the past decade we have sat back while well-intentioned politicians have encumbered 87,000 residents with over $571 million in long-term debt  

The city’s budget documents show in 2003 total revenues from all sources was $110 million. According to Councilman Tony Petros this year’s budget is $280 million — a 159% increase in 13 years.  

Just because Newport Beach is a wealthy community doesn’t mean city government has to gouge, overcharge, and over-tax. 

We believe our city is profiting off taxpayers, hence its surplus of $90 million – more than the total budgets of many Orange County cities.  

Residents have been quiet for too long.  It’s time for a change. 


DSC_0024c Bob McCaffrey
Volunteer Chairman 


  1. Restore fiscal responsibility – get our nearly $571 million debt under control.
  2. Stop excessive spending
  3. Respectful dialogue

Our Mission - It's Time For A Change.

Our mission is to return fiscal responsibility to City Hall. They are good people that have lost their way. In the past decade the city council has incurred over $571 million in long-term debt for a city of just 87,000. In ten years our politicians have burdened taxpayers with more debt than the first 90 years of the city’s existence. It’s time for a change.


  • 1.
    City Hall

    For the next thirty years Newport taxpayers will pay $22,000 per day for the new city hall for the $142.5 million monument to excessive spending. Our grandchildren will still be paying off the Taj Mahal debt. $900 desk chairs $225,000 for decorative bunnies, and a park our children can’t throw a ball on. Nothing symbolizes the need for change in city government like the city hall project and the $228 million in long-term debt we will pay over the next 30 years.


    Has your income doubled in the past ten years? Our city’s budget has. We have one of the highest employee-to-resident ratios in California. Our unfunded pension liability is estimated by Stanford University at $265 million, as the retiree costs continue to larger portions of the budget. Last year our librarian made more than the Governor of California.

    Excessive Taxes & Fees

    You’ve all heard the stories about the $50.00 parking ticket, or the neighbor paying exorbitant fees for a simple remodel project. Those charges have resulted in the city amassing a $140 million budget SURPLUS – more than Costa Mesa’s entire annual budget. Our city is profiting off its residents, and that’s wrong.

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LINK: State agency warns planning commissioner Mike Toerge about conflict of interest for voting on matters too close to his apartment.





It only took Rush Hill less than one year on the city council to be warned by the Fair Political Practices Commission over voting to financially benefit himself. (Click image to view)


LINK: Over $50,000 of your taxes were spent on lawyers to defend Mayor Hill before the Fair Political Practices Commission in this conflict of interest matter. This is the second warning letter they have sent to him.  

“Your above-described behavior amounted to a conflict of interest… “ 

Fair Political Practices Commission letter to Rush Hill
April 3, 2014

Mayor Rush Hill’s idea of concensus.

Mayor Rush Hill’s idea of concensus.

Dock Tax - Taj Mahal - Lawrence Sherwin, Photograper$22,000 a day for the thirty years will pay off the Taj Mahal’s debt of $228 million. You can read the official debt repayment schedule here.

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