Email City Council – Do We Really Need an $8 million “Lecture Hall” at the Central Library next to City Hall?

Mayor Dixon & City Council Members,

Do we really need a new $8 million Library Lecture Hall when we have top-notch facilities like Oasis Senior Center available for rent?



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  • Alan Clark says:

    I’m with McCaffrey. Please discover fiscal discipline – as for families, it’s good for municipalities of all sizes.

  • Linda Oeth says:

    Makes good sense to me

  • Bette Ross says:

    The library needs a larger lecture hall. If you have attended lectures there, you know there is frequently a horseshoe of people standing around the edges who couldn’t get seats.
    On the other hand, how many older people are likely to go to a lecture at one of the high schools? It might be worth a trial for a year, to tabulate the cost of renting a high school hall during a year and the number of people who attend those lectures compared to the numbers who attend similar lectures at the library.

  • Andre Brysha says:

    I agree with Bob McCaffrey. Considering the amount of existing City of NB venues, there has to be a way to coordinate lectures and other events with available locations. Hard for me to believe every venue is being used to full capacity.

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