December 2010.

One of Newport lowest-priced yacht basins may be more expensive if council approves increases. Tenants plan to contest proposal.


NEWPORT BEACH — As the city continues to raise fees from users of Newport Harbor, the latest targets are tenants of the city-owned and -managed Balboa Yacht Basin marina.

With affordable boat slips, garages and apartments, the yacht basin has historically been one of the lowest-priced marinas in the bay.

And its tenants want to keep it that way. They plan to contest the proposed rent hike at a special City Council meeting Monday night.


This comes less than two weeks after the council voted to raise rates for moorings, the floating cans that are some of the least expensive points in the bay to store a boat. Rate increases across the harbor are needed to pay for expensive projects like dredging and the upcoming Marina Park development, city officials say. And a good place to start, they reasoned, are with people who have been paying well below the market rate.

“This is public property and I think the city should be getting fair value for it,” said Councilman Ed Selich, who served on the Committee on Harbor Charges that recommended the new rents.