March 2012.

This week I am going to use a surfing analogy to explain my harbor observations. I hung my surfboard up years ago because I never was very good at surfing.

For those of you who do not surf, a set is a group of three waves. Sometimes sets hit the beach with very little time in between them. Quite often, I would find myself riding some small wave in, then turn to look back out to sea and notice a lineup of two huge sets rolling in. There I would be, getting pummeled by the white wash of each breaking wave while paddling back outside, trying to keep my head above water.

Now I am not sure if any of you have looked out to sea recently, but I am starting to feel like an overweight surfer on a very short board. No matter how hard I paddle, it seems like I am not getting anywhere and the next big wave is coming in. In this analogy, the waves are the proposed tideland tax increases.