March 2013.


The Orange County Register has written a scathing story (below) on the Taj Mahal and how the cost has exploded to $140 million – the most expensive city hall ever build in the Orange County’s history.  (BTW … the land was free).  Over 30 years we will pay over $225 million for a building few will ever visit.  The Register reports the cost could reach $278 million if the Obama Bonds used to finance the project are revised by Congress.

How did a city of 85,000 of the nation’s most educated and wealthy residents let it happen?  We didn’t know about it.

Utilizing the same Brown Act evading scheme they used to hatch the Dock Tax, the Taj Mahal secret ad hoc committee if councilmembers Steve Rosansky, Mike Henn, and Ed Selich reviewed and approved all budgets, change orders, and payments.  No agendas, public meetings, or debate.  Usually on the consent calendar, the city council rubber stamped the secret committee’s recommendations.  They were in a rush to cut the ribbon before Councilman Rosansky’s term expired – the day he cast his last vote as a councilman to levy the Dock Tax.   

Dear Friend,

My friend and fellow Stop the Dock Tax warrior Pete Pallette tells me that my emails are too wordy.  I want to keep Pete happy, so here’s a cartoon that says it all about the Dock Tax, secret meetings, and the city’s misappropriation of tidelands funds (more to come on this subject soon).


Thanks to cartoonist J.R. Johnson at the Log for the clever piece.


Last Friday Register columnist Jack Wu found an example of how the city spends our tax dollars – the Great Bunny.  Soon the city will christen its (our) $131 million Taj Mahal, replete with a giant bunny in the parking lot.

Irvine’s great sink hole of money is the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station symbolized by the Great Park Balloon.  Never to be outdone, our sink hole is the Taj Mahal – $8 million per year in debt service payments for 30 years, costing you and our children $228 million in total payments.  (BTW … the land was free!)

Over the past six months the city bureaucrats and politicians have already raised mooring taxes by 300%, commercial marina’s 366%, and other Harbor businesses by 183%. One long-time Harbor business was hit with a 700% tax hike – in a recession!

The average residential Dock Tax will increase 1,000%, with some paying 5,000% more.

You recently received the “Pier Permit” (Dock Tax notification) from the city.  We believe the Dock Tax is illegal, unnecessary, and will be used to pay for the Taj Mahal.,0,7379115.story

Daily Pilot

Commentary: Stop the Dock tax is prepared to fight City Hall

By Bob McCaffrey

9:26 AM PST, March 6, 2013

It started three years ago, innocently enough, by a well-meaning professional bureaucrat charged with managing Newport Harbor.

Then-Assistant City Manager Dave Kiff requested a Harbor Area Management Plan (HAMP), the City Council funded the $200,000 study and shazam — a solution in search of a problem was launched.

With more than $100 million in “improvements” to fend off global warming outlined in the HAMP, the bureaucrats had the validation they needed to set in motion the juggernaut resulting in the largest property tax levy in Newport’s history.