March 2014.

Dear Newport Harbor Dock Owner,

Last night the Newport Beach city council voted 6-0 to amend the Dock Tax ordinance to reflect the terms of the lawsuit settlement. 2nd reading of the ordinance will occur at the April 8 council meeting and if passed, the amended Dock Tax ordinance becomes law. To recap, the amended ordinance;

  1. Gives dock owners a 10 year permit that is automatically renewable.
  2. The permit is renewable for 5 ten year periods. (50 years)
  3. Upon sale of the upland property, the buyer is guaranteed a pier permit upon application to the city.

I want to thank everyone that has donated and worked for the past 18 months to restore the equity to our docks that was stripped away by the original Dock Tax ordinance.



Bob McCaffreyChairman,
Stop The Dock Tax Please check our web site for the lastest information

Daily Pilot

Newport council to discuss dock-fee deal

By Bradley Zint

8:16 PM PDT, March 21, 2014

The Newport Beach City Council on Tuesday will examine a settlement agreement reached in the wake of a contentious lawsuit over payments for use of public tidelands.

The proposed ordinance would change the issuing of permits for residential piers in Newport Harbor from annually to up to 10 years.

“The proposed amendment maintains city control over the tidelands, while giving abutting upland property owners’ greater assurances in the residential piers located in front of their properties,” according to city staff.

The proposed ordinance faces its first reading Tuesday, with a second reading scheduled for April 8 before final adoption.

Newport Beach reaches settlement over dock fee suit
2014-03-05 13:39:52

NEWPORT BEACH Bayfront homeowners can hold dock permits for 10 years and transfer them when they sell waterfront property under a settlement announced Wednesday.

The settlement, dated Feb. 21, puts to rest a 2013 suit filed by the Newport Beach Dock Owners Association and its volunteer chairman Robert McCaffrey. The suit alleged the city violated open-meeting laws when council members voted to hike the cost of dock permits.


Today the 1,000 residential dock owners of Newport Harbor, represented by the Newport Beach Dock Owners Association, announced it has settled its lawsuit filed in February 2013 against the City of Newport Beach for violating the Ralph M. Brown Act.

“It is unfortunate that we had to sue our own city to restore the equity in our docks that they stole in passing the Dock Tax. The Dock Tax was an unnecessary money grab that while distasteful, paled in comparison to the city stripping us of the property right to our residential pier,” declared Bob McCaffrey, volunteer chairman of the Newport Beach Dock Owners Association & Stop the Dock Tax. This property right is estimated at $1 million in some cases.