November 2019.

    Dear Mayor Dixon and City Councilmembers,

    I am disappointed you approved the architectural contract for a dubious Library Lecture Hall. As stewards of our tax dollars I request you enter into a contract with the Library Trustees that limits the city’s (taxpayer) exposure to 50% of the Lecture Hall cost with a cap of $4 million.

      Dear Mayor Dixon and City Council Members,

      I am unable to attend Tuesday’s city council meeting and want my opinion added to the public record. Before stepping on the slippery slope of spending over $8 million on a new theater that will be used 7-8 times a year for 275 people. There’s more important uses of our tax dollars.

        Dear Mayor Dixon & Newport Beach Council Members,

        Each of you ran for office claiming to be fiscal conservatives concerned about protecting our tax dollars. You can have decades of high-profile Library Lecture Series speakers at the rented Lido Theater without burdening taxpayers. The revitalized Lido Marina Village and new Lido House Hotel will also benefit from the 6-7 annual speaking events.

          Dear Mayor Dixon & Newport Beach City Council Members,

          Before obligating Newport Beach taxpayers to pay for an $8 million Library Lecture Hall please find out how much it would cost to RENT the newly remodeled Lido Theater. Surely it will be less expensive than building and maintaining a new Library Lecture Hall for 6-7 speakers per year.