Category: Act Now.

    Dear Mayor Dixon and City Councilmembers,

    I am disappointed you approved the architectural contract for a dubious Library Lecture Hall. As stewards of our tax dollars I request you enter into a contract with the Library Trustees that limits the city’s (taxpayer) exposure to 50% of the Lecture Hall cost with a cap of $4 million.

      Dear Mayor Dixon and City Council Members,

      I am unable to attend Tuesday’s city council meeting and want my opinion added to the public record. Before stepping on the slippery slope of spending over $8 million on a new theater that will be used 7-8 times a year for 275 people. There’s more important uses of our tax dollars.

        Dear Mayor Dixon & Newport Beach Council Members,

        Each of you ran for office claiming to be fiscal conservatives concerned about protecting our tax dollars. You can have decades of high-profile Library Lecture Series speakers at the rented Lido Theater without burdening taxpayers. The revitalized Lido Marina Village and new Lido House Hotel will also benefit from the 6-7 annual speaking events.

          Dear Mayor Dixon & Newport Beach City Council Members,

          Before obligating Newport Beach taxpayers to pay for an $8 million Library Lecture Hall please find out how much it would cost to RENT the newly remodeled Lido Theater. Surely it will be less expensive than building and maintaining a new Library Lecture Hall for 6-7 speakers per year.

            Dear Mayor Dixon and City Council Members,

            Are Newport’s taxpayers on the hook for the Library Lecture Hall? Councilman Herdman seems confused. He says NO then YES. Please provide any documents between the City and Library Foundation clarify the financial arrangement between the City and Library Foundation regarding who is paying for the proposed $8 million Library Lecture Hall.

              Dear Mayor Dixon & City Council Members,

              Councilman Herdman’s report that the Library Board of Trustees has agreed to pay for their proposed Library Lecture Hall is great news for taxpayers! I know you will protect taxpayers from the estimated $8 million cost and re-allocate the funds to important matters like harbor dredging, public safety and paying down our long-term pension obligations.

                Dear Dr. Navarro, Mayor Dixon & Newport City Council Members,

                Newport Mesa taxpayers have spent nearly $400 million to improve our schools, including two state-of-the-art theaters that could be rented for the Newport Library Lecture Series. Renting the CdM or Newport Harbor High Loats Theater instead of building the unnecessary Library Lecture Hall will save Newport’s taxpayers $8 million.

                  Mayor Dixon & City Council Members,

                  We don’t need to spend $8 million on a new Library Lecture Hall when the city council chambers is next door. Our tax dollars are better spent on harbor dredging, fighting JWA expansion, or funding public safety. Private funds should be raised to pay for it, not our taxes!