Email City Council – Do We Really Need an $8 million “Lecture Hall” at the Central Library next to City Hall?

    Mayor Dixon & City Council Members,

    We don’t need to spend $8 million on a new Library Lecture Hall when the city council chambers is next door. Our tax dollars are better spent on harbor dredging, fighting JWA expansion, or funding public safety. Private funds should be raised to pay for it, not our taxes!



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    • Alan Clark says:

      I’m with McCaffrey. Please discover fiscal discipline – as for families, it’s good for municipalities of all sizes.

    • Linda Oeth says:

      Makes good sense to me

    • Bette Ross says:

      The library needs a larger lecture hall. If you have attended lectures there, you know there is frequently a horseshoe of people standing around the edges who couldn’t get seats.
      On the other hand, how many older people are likely to go to a lecture at one of the high schools? It might be worth a trial for a year, to tabulate the cost of renting a high school hall during a year and the number of people who attend those lectures compared to the numbers who attend similar lectures at the library.

    • Andre Brysha says:

      I agree with Bob McCaffrey. Considering the amount of existing City of NB venues, there has to be a way to coordinate lectures and other events with available locations. Hard for me to believe every venue is being used to full capacity.

    • Andre Brysha says:

      We don’t need an $8M Library Lecture Hall.

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