Is Phil Greer OK?

Today’s Daily Journal has story regarding about Phil Greer’s serious health issues, and his inability to appear in court due to a “literally fatal” heart condition and bypass surgery.  (story attached)

We hope Phil is ok, a city council campaign can be stressful.

Apparently Judge Peter J. Wilson (not the former Governor) has serious questions about Phil’s claims of his “literally fatal” heart condition.  In attempting to dodge a June 22 hearing date in a malpractice case filed against him, Phil filed a declaration, under the penalty of perjury, saying his heart bypass surgery was May 27.  In an unrelated bankruptcy case Phil’s declaration stated the surgery was on May 27.

Once Judge Wilson saw the video of Phil campaigning for city council with a “literally fatal” heart condition things got very uncomfortable for Phil.

All my lawyer buddies tell me the State Bar rarely disciplines lawyers.  You have to really screw up to get one disciplinary action.  Two is impossible.  Phil has two, and maybe a third is one the way if he survives his “literally fatal” heart condition.





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