Is Your Dock Tax Paying for Rush Hill’s Permit Holiday?

Dear Newport Harbor Dock Owner,

We’ve had quite a ride over the past 2 ½ years. We had to sue to restore the equity in your dock that was stripped away in the adoption of the Dock Tax. We were unable to modify the Dock Tax rate in the lawsuit settlement negotiation.

Thus, over the next 4 years your Dock Tax will increase 350%, unless a new city council is elected that is more realistic.

The Dock Tax is projected by city staff to raise roughly $1 million.

Rush Hill has created a “Permit Holiday” program to run during his mayoral term of 2014. It’s a typical give-away program politicians use in election years to curry favor with voters.

You can read a city memo here that discloses the Rush Hill Permit Holiday program has cost the city about a million dollars so far – about the same amount as the Dock Tax.

Is the Dock Tax paying for Rush Hill’s Permit Holiday?



Bob McCaffrey
Volunteer Chairman, Residents for Reform

P.S. Residents for Reform is funded with small donations from Newporters concerned about our city’s future. You can help keep our campaign going by donating here.



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