Mailbag: Councilman Curry’s criticism of Mayor Dixon is unsubstantiated



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April 23, 2016

Mailbag: Councilman Curry’s criticism of Mayor Dixon is unsubstantiated

Re. “Commentary: Proposal would improve transparency in Newport Beach,” March 22: Councilman Keith Curry has recently attacked our mayor, Diane Dixon, in a reprehensible, unprovoked manner. He has done all he can to accuse our mayor of corruption — an absolutely baseless charge.

No one in Newport Beach can serve more than two consecutive four-year terms on the City Council. Thank goodness.

Term limits are good for the city and good for the council members. In my brief time on the City Council, I have witnessed a long-time veteran on the council see boogeymen behind most votes and evil intentions behind too many actions. Perhaps he will get back to seeing the best in people when he is no longer in the arena.

I have witnessed Dixon act with nothing but civic virtue in her heart. She addresses everything this community asks of her. She reads to children at the library. She speaks at Oasis. She mends fences broken by animosities born out of attacks on others similar to those she is now facing.

She is, simply put, a servant-leader.

Do I agree with her on everything? No. But I respect her efforts, abilities and rationale. And not once have I ever seen her take action driven by personal or monetary gain.

We have to rise above these types of attacks that Curry is leveling against our mayor. I stand up in Dixon’s defense and ask that you do too.

Marshall “Duffy” Duffield

Newport Beach

City councilman



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