Newport Beach City Council Endorsements Announced

After months of evaluating candidates and their positions, Residents for Reform is making endorsement recommendations for the upcoming November city council election. Read our ad running this weekend in the Newport Independent and Daily Pilot here.

The key issue for me in evaluating candidates is their demonstrated ability to comprehend our massive $571 million long-term debt and offer viable solutions to reducing it. I don’t want another city council that obligates us to $228 million in Taj Mahal debt without a public vote.

These candidates will stop the excessive spending and restore fiscal restraint at Newport Beach City Hall:

dixon - head shot photos.jpgDistrict 1 – Diane Dixon is a former executive with a Fortune 300 company. She has a keen sense of debt reduction and limited government – two things we need at City Hall. She is smart and compassionate. We were early supporters of Diane’s. Her opponents have dropped out of the race. 
duffy - head shot (1)s.jpgDistrict 3 – Duffy Duffield is our clear choice. He is the most knowledgeable person on Harbor matters we have ever had run for city council. He’s a legendary businessman in our community. (At 19 years old he invented the “Duffy Boat”) After 45 years, Duffy is the largest manufacturer of electric boats in the world. He exhibits the fiscal restraint of a self-made entrepreneur that we need at City Hall. With an easy smile and big heart, Duffy will bring civility to City Hall. He is running against Mayor Rush Hill.
muldoon - head shot 2014 (1)s.jpgDistrict 4 – Kevin Muldoon is a businessman, former Orange County prosecutor, White House assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush, and property rights lawyer. Kevin provided invaluable legal assistance to us in the Dock Tax fight. His legal analysis helped in the negotiation resulting in the return of your property right to your Dock
peotter - head shots.jpgDistrict 6 – Scott Peotter is a successful architect and fiscal conservative. He has a plan to pay down the city’s debt without impacting city services. He is a small government advocate that is not afraid to speak his mind. Scott is a family man, polite, with an easy demeanor. Scott is a former Planning Commissioner and a staunch advocate for private property rights.

As residents we have the chance this November to send a message to City Hall. The excessive taxes and fees need to stop. We are no longer willing to pay for the symbols of their excess. The $142.5 million Taj Mahal, $225,000 bunnies, and $1,100 desk chairs at City Hall are too much – it’s time for a change.


Bob McCaffrey
Volunteer Chairman, Residents for Reform

P.S. Residents for Reform is funded with small donations from Newporters concerned about our city’s future. You can help keep our campaign going by donating here.




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