Newport’s Bunnies Continue to Create Conversation

Newport’s Bunnies Continue to Create Conversation

Dear Friend,

I want to wish you a Happy New Year and thank each of you for helping us make a change at City Hall. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful community with caring residents that want the best quality of life possible.

The Los Angeles Times had a little fun today with bunnies at the Taj Mahal. You can read the storyhere.


Bob McCaffrey
Volunteer Chairman, Residents for Reform

P.S. Residents for Reform will stay active on the quality of life issues in Newport Beach that make our city a unique place to live.  We are funded by donations from the community.  You can safely donate online here.


LA Times, December 28, 2014

LOCAL Orange County

Fiscal reform advocates take aim at Newport Beach’s concrete bunnies

image001 (2).jpg

Priscilla Janz, 6, and her sister Dagny, 3, play among the bunnies. (Christina House, For The Times)


It’s open season on Newport Beach’s concrete bunnies

Near a busy corner in Newport Beach, at the edge of Civic Center Park, 14 concrete rabbits sit on their haunches in a tight circle, staring at each other through painted pastel eyes.

The child-size creatures — known by some in this picturesque beach city as “bunnyhenge” — were added as a playful touch to the massive Civic Center complex, which rises like a white ship from the hillside below, its undulating roof mimicking the waves on the distant horizon.

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