Pay Your Dock Tax Under Protest


On December 11, 2012 the Newport Beach City Council stripped us of our property right to the value of our residential dock.  Buried in the fine print of the new “permit” the city repeals your “property right” to your pier.  The Dock Tax was troubling enough, but this affront to our property right has significant economic impact on the value of our real estate.

Last month we advised you to withhold payment of your Dock Tax pending the outcome of our request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the city from collecting the Dock Tax.   A key concern of ours has always been to prevent the City from seizing your dock by administrative fiat.  Put a different way, we don’t trust our expansionist City government.  We believe they want to confiscate our docks and go into the dock leasing business to fund their ever-expanding bureaucracy.

Our lawyer, Steve Baric, was successful in negotiating a requirement that the City give 15 days’ notice to dock owners before they initiate seizure proceedings.  City bureaucrats can seize your dock for non-payment of the Dock Tax.

Therefore, we advise you to pay your Dock Tax under protest.  Write on the check “DOCK TAX PAID UNDER PROTEST.” 

Our lawyers are reviewing the legality of the City’s theft of the value of our dock through the removal of our property right.  We will have a more detailed plan to deal with this shortly.  Furthermore, serious issues relative to selling your home – and how to disclose your dock’s new status – are raised by the Dock Tax Permit.

It’s clear that the City Council’s rush to tax last December is fraught with unintended consequences that will take months to sort out in the courts.  Wouldn’t it have been more productive if they politicians and bureaucrats had sat down with their constituents and had a collaborative dialogue?

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Bob McCaffreyChairman,
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