Recalling Scott Peotter before regularly scheduled election is wasteful

A recent letter to the editor complains that opposition to a Councilman Scott Peotter recall is based solely on the cost of doing so (“Recall cost argument is a red herring,” (Aug. 30). I understand this recall election would cost Newport Beach residents several hundred thousand dollars. The cost is certainly a valid concern, when Peotter is up for reelection next year. If he is not liked, he can be voted out at that time, without this additional cost.

I am not involved, in any way, in a Peotter effort on either side. Indeed, my political viewpoints are generally divergent from those of Peotter. However, Councilman Peotter has professionally and appropriately responded to community issues when I have contacted the council. Others did not provide the same courtesy.

I am troubled by the contentious conduct and rhetoric in this local political effort to recall Peotter. A couple of evenings ago, a young man, who said he was 18, came to my door. I answered, expecting a donation request for Newport Harbor High or something similar.

Instead, he asked me to sign the Peotter recall petition. I asked him why he was involved with this, as I admire young people who involve themselves in political efforts, even if I disagree. He responded that Peotter will worsen the parking problems on Lido Isle and made other untrue allegations. When I quizzed him, and said I did not believe those statements to be true, he said that he and his friends were getting $2 for every signature they collected. I did not sign.

Randy Curry

Lido Isle



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